TEMS Investigation 18.1 FlexNET GLS License Crack

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TEMS Investigation 18.1 GLS License Crack

TEMS Investigation 18.1 Test with GLS License Crack

Introduction to TEMS Investigation

Thank you for selecting TEMS Investigation – the industry-leading tool for troubleshooting,

verification, optimisation, and maintenance of wireless networks. providing knowledge assortment,

period analysis, and post-processing bushed one, TEMS Investigation could be a complete resolution

for all of a network operator’s daily network optimisation tasks. this whole resolution eliminates

the necessity for multiple tools, reducing prices and saving time and energy for operations employees.
To get the foremost out of TEMS Investigation, please take the time to browse this documentation

so as to realize Associate in Nursing in-depth understanding of the merchandise options.

Fundamentals of TEMS Investigation

TEMS Investigation is an air interface test tool for cellular networks, supporting all of the following technologies:
TD-SCDMA (including interaction with LTE and GSM)
EV-DO Rev. B/EV-DO Rev. A/EV-DO Rel. 0/cdma2000/cdmaOne
TEMS Investigation enables monitoring of a wide variety of data services over packet-switched connections, as well as CS voice and video telephony.
TEMS Investigation is primarily a tool for data collection and real-time analysis. It interfaces with a wide range of user terminals, scanners, and positioning equipment, collecting data from these devices and recording it in logfiles. The application also boasts a vast array of windows for presentation of logfile data.
Still more powerful post-processing facilities are provided by the product TEMS Discovery Device.

Packages and Other Options

TEMS Investigation can be purchased with or without data collection capability (“Base Software Package” and “Replay Package” respectively).
Supported cellular technologies can be freely selected and combined, except that WCDMA and GSM always come together.
Separate license options are offered for (among other things):
Data collection with devices from various vendors.
Data collection with multiple devices concurrently.
Audio quality measurement (AQM).

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