Sentinel Hardware Key SHK Emulator Dongle Clone

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Sentinel Hardware Key SHK Emulator Dongle Clone, Crack Backup Recovery Service

What is Sentinel Hardware Key (SHK) ?

  • Sentinel Hardware Key SHK is the last key connected to the Sentinel family produced by SafeNet. It includes all the features in SuperPro and UltraPro and even more. Its software protects 128-bit AES encryption and includes V-Clock Technology. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Visual C ++, Basic, C #, NET, Borland, Java and AutoCAD Plugins.

    The software locks produced by Safenet company are estimated to reach 40 million users worldwide. The company, which was founded in 1983, cannot be discussed as an inspiration to other Dongle manufacturers.

    After purchasing Gemalto Company The Safenet company , Sentinel has joined the SuperPro, UltraPro and SHK (Hardware Key) Family with the Sentinel HL family. All locks can be managed and used from a single SDK.

Sentinel Hardware Key SHK Emulator Dongle Features :

  • Emulator Generality is DLL. In this way, the installation works only with the copy-paste logic.
  • If desired, it can be replicated hardware.
  • It is fully compatible with Windows operating systems.
  • We can bring it back when your Dong is broken or stolen.
  • Sentinel SHK Emulator Instructions


    • Please Upload the software used by Sentinel Hardware Key and send it to [email protected].
    • You can use this upload service web sites.  DropboxMegaWetransfer
    • When we analyze The locked software , we send you a Dongle Reader Tool.
  • Why do you Need Sentinel SHK Emulator?

    It is not known what will happen tomorrow. Copy your Dongle before it is late. This copy will be very useful if the dongle you bought is lost, stolen or broken. Do not think of this situation illegally because it is your right to keep it as a backup within your organization provided that you do not sell your license according to DMCA rules.

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