SENSELOCK Dongle Emulator Clone Backup

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SENSELOCK Dongle Emulator Clone Backup Service


Sense Lock is a non-costly hardware software protection lock that we can call cheap. We know that this dongle is the Best among Chinese dongles. It has approximately 8 different models. The most professional of these is Shield.

The majority of dongles use the human interface. So they are dongles that do not require Driver. But some models require special drivers. In general, we can not say that it is a very solid device. It is generally preferred in the control panel software of machine manufacturers in China.

The encrypted statistics with public key cannily be decrypted by means of personal key in the computer process, otherwise it’s miles the same. with this selection, you may realize the authentication. this idea lesion that the certified element (consumer) should encrypt the desired facts with the private key and sent the result to the certifying element (provider) who would decrypt the data with the general public key.

SENSELOCK Dongle Emulator Clone Backup Instructions:

There is no standard dongle reader for Senselock locks. For the solution, we analyze the software used by the lock and direct you to the next operations.

  • We Need Your Software install  package.
  • You can upload Mega, or Wetransfer
  • When finish upload send me link please.. [email protected]
  • We will back you Soon.

Sense Lock Models:

  • Senselock Clave2
  • Elite SL STD
  • EL STD
  • RTC
  • Net
  • RTCC
  • Drive
  • Genii
  • Sense Shield

If you have one of the models mentioned above, let’s take a look and make it before it’s late.

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