Hasp HL Dongle Emulator Clone Backup Service

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Hasp HL Dongle Emulator – Clone, Backup, Duplicate, Copy Service Team.

What is it Hasp HL Dongle ?

We can say that Aladdin Knowledge Systems is the latest Technology produced while it is still active. It has four types, namely Basic, Pro, Time and Net. It is still compatible with the Old and New driver system. The change according to the old type of Hasp is the addition of Table. In this way, when the software is updated, the emulator gives Unknow error. In this case, it is necessary to get Log again.

Four companies have changed hands until this time. Aladdin Inc., SafeNet Inc, Gemalto and finally the Thales Group.

I need Hasp HL Dongle Emulator. What do I Need?

  • First of all, we need the software package that Hasp HL Dongle used. After reviewing the software, we will notify you of the PW1 and PW2 commands that we need to know, and we will also deploy a special DUMP tool for your dongle.
  • Some Times Log may be required but we will decide this after reviewing the software. If log is needed, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions.
  • You can upload the software setup this upload service. mega.nz

HASP HL Dongle Types:





Hasp HL Dongle Emulator Features :

      • As hardware, we can create clones.
      • Emulators are digitally signed.
      • Works compatible with all Windows versions including Windows 10 64 bit.
      • It is 100% compatible with the latest version Drivers.
      • It is compatible on VMWare systems.

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