Wibu BOX Dongle Emulator Clone Duplicate

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Wibu BOX Dongle Emulator, WibuKey Crack Copy Clone Duplicate

What is WIBU-KEY

  • The WIBU-KEY could be a tiny device that matches into one in every of the USB ports of a pc. If all of your USB ports are in use, you’ll be able to purchase a USB hub to make four or a lot of USB ports out of 1 USB port. The WIBU-KEY is employed to manage licenses. the quantity of licenses a firm owns is programmed into the WIBU-KEY Dongle . Wibu BOX Dongle Emulator

The communication is according to USB specifications.

  • All data communication is realized by endpoint 0 control transfers with full speed (12 MBit). The USB interface guar-antees trouble free communication even if many different devices are connected and easy implementation to any system.

    WibuKey driver software supports Windows XP/7/8/Server2012, MacOS 8 and higher and all Linux distributions supporting USB. The WIBU-BOX/U+ needs WibuKey Runtime 4.10 or higher.

  • Admin comment

    Wibu Dongles were fully emulators at first, but with recent shell updates this has become impossible. only the existing version can be emulator. Wibu Dongles were fully emulators at first, but with recent shell updates this has become impossible. only the existing version can be emulator. Of course, this process is valid for the protections made by the shell method. Locking operations made with protection codes written in other source code can be fully emulated or cloned.


  • About Wibu BOX Dongle Emulator

    Wibu was founded in Germany in 1989 by 2 friends. The aim was to produce protection solutions for embedded systems. These are PLC systems Microprocessors. Softwares etc .. They improve themselves day by day in the field of digitalization and give great importance to R&D. We wish them success in their working life.

Wibu BOX Dongle Emulator Models

Wibu BOX Dongle

  • USB
  • 20 k-Byte memoryies
  • 14 entries


  • LPT
  • 12 entries
  • 16 k-Byte memoryies


  • USB
  • 20 k-Byte memoryies
  • 24 K-Byte Memories

Wibu BOX Dongle Emulator Backup Instructions

  • We Need Your Software install package. This is very important because it is necessary for the Communication Algorithm.
  • You can upload Please DropboxMega, or Wetransfer
  • After sending me a link with mail.  duplicatedongle@gmail.com
  • Need Dongle Dump you can Download from   DOWNLOAD ( rar password is donglecopy.com )

Unpack it and run with Administrator, Pres “Dump keys” will create a dmp file send me it.

You must fully meet these demands, otherwise, we will not be able to assist you. As these are all necessary for analysis, they are necessary for us to serve you better. As Vip Dongle, it is our first principle not to do work by rote.


Emulation Functions

  • Digital signed
  • Unlimited computers can install  ( Don’t Need any Authorization code )
  • Not have any time limit
  • Easy Install
  • Compatible Windows 10 x64 new build
  • Hardware Clone Possible if Need.

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