SafeNet Microdog Dongle Emulator – Clone – Backup

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What is Safenet Microdog?

SafeNet Microdog Dongle Emulator,  addition to secure unstructured data a center server, Microdog Protect File can be used to protect the folders and files stored on endpoints, including desktop, laptop, and media files.

Workr with a SafeNet Microdog appliance, software combines encrypt and access control policies to security word process document, spread-sheets, images, design, and etc..

SafeNet Microdog Dongle Emulator / Clone Instructions

  • Software install  package.  ( use microdog dongle )
  • You can upload this services MegaWetransfer
  • After the upload send me link please with mail. [email protected]
  • We will contact you soon for process.

SafeNet Microdog Dongle Emulator Functions:

  • It can be copied hardware.
  • LPT and USB virtualization was tested.
  • Digitally signed.
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • It runs on virtualized Windows operating systems.
  • A different reader is used for each software.
  • The time restriction is removed.
  • The module can be added.

You have to be careful ..

Sometimes Microdog dongles may break down. Before you are late, have us license key backed up. The risk is not only deteriorating, but sometimes usb devices can be lost due to its small groove. Some people think they can buy usb Flash Memory without informing you.


SafeNet Microdog VID-PID Details:

  • USB\VID_08E2&PID_0002

The Dongle Vendor:

  • Safnet inc China

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