Actikey ITHEA Dongle Emulator

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Actikey ITHEA Dongle Emulator Clone Backup

What is Actikey ?

ACTiKEY assigns personal codes to each of its customers, who are only authorized to distribute, sell and copy their own software or products, delivered by. Any reproduction, sale or distribution in any other way constitutes an offense. This manual is copyrighted, all rights reserved. This manual may not be, in whole or in part, copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, nor reduced to any form readable by a machine, nor on any electronic medium without the prior consent of the company.

– User identification to block the use of all other files stored in the key in casebad identification (these means allow the deletion of said files).
– The security means comprise at least one group of several files arranged to control the level of security of secure data stored in the specific file attached to said group in themedia memory.

– This group includes a “read password” file, a “write password” file and a file “access attempt counter”. The access attempt counter is designed to block access to the corresponding file after 3 unsuccessful read and / or write password attempts. Because of the support itself, the device is not substitutable.
Of course, all the traditional protection processes are also present.


This function frees the memory allocated during the call to the openKey function, but also the memory of all the “login” applications, associated if necessary. The “logouts” are started automatically if they have not yet been requested.

ITHEA keys are not limited in their destination to the simple protection of software. By the principle of reading / writing data in a file on protected removable media, all identification process, action follow-up, codification transfer are possible. The key can therefore become a personal pass for multiple accesses or actions while offering a internal traceability on its use.

Actikey ITHEA Dongle Emulator Backup Instructions

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