RaceCon Bosch Motorsport Software

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RaceCon Bosch Motorsport Software

RaceCon Bosch Motorsport Software Test with Custom Key Generator


RaceCon is associate all integrated package tool for configuration and standardization of Hieronymus Bosch Motorsport hardware product,

like ECUs, displays, loggers. The communication is predicated on Hieronymus Bosch Motorsport MSA-Box interface.

Calibration of eu maps and curves

ECU file up- and transfer

Parameter file up- and transfer

Diagnostic practicality for Hieronymus Bosch Motorsport ECUs

Data file / Work base management

Integrated flash practicality

Integrated Hieronymus Bosch sensing element info

Configuration of Hieronymus Bosch Motorsport displays

Configuration of Hieronymus Bosch Motorsport information loggers

Configuration of Hieronymus Bosch Motorsport will modules

Communication via K-Line/CAN/Ethernet (KWP/CCP/XCP)

CAN communication log practicality (baud rate changeable)

Quick information access over Race Mode

Intuitive style, simple to use


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