Protec Commissioning Tool Softwares

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Protec Commissioning Tool Softwares Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongles

Although this is not a standard backup process, some limits have been removed. As you can imagine, this limit is the time limit.

Our dongle is will work with all models ( x300 – x400 -x600 )

The Protec Algo-Tec ™ 6500 features a highly specific, feature-rich, economical, interactive, digitally addressable fire and alarm system that is ideal for small, medium and large buildings and locations. The control panel is developed and manufactured by Protec and complies with the latest EN54-2 and EN54-4. The control panel can be surface mounted or in an alcove with the aesthetically shaped polycarbonate wing door in storm gray.

The 6500

system is scalable in every way and offers specially developed technical solutions for all applications, from single-panel systems to large multi-panel networks. The modular structure, supported by robust cause-and-effect programming, allows the 6500 system to be precisely configured for the needs of any commercial or industrial location.

Protec Commissioning Tool Secure network

The innovative redundant peer network is a fault-tolerant and failure-safe communication channel for high-speed data transmission, through which up to 64 Algo-Tec ™ 6500 fire alarm control panels can be operated as a single distributed fire protection system according to BS5839-1. No network error can disable the system, and if there are multiple errors, each panel works independently. The network can be connected using a copper or optical connection.

Cycles – Each 6500 control panel is equipped with 1, 2 or 4 digitally addressable data loops of the Algo-Tec ™ 6000PLUS with up to 200 cycle addresses, a total of 800 addressable devices per panel, 51,200 networkable devices and pt2 networkable in accordance with EN54 clause 13.7.

Design flexibility

The scalable 6500 system offers specially developed technical solutions for all applications, from single-panel systems (6500E) to large multi-panel networks.

Easy to install Protec Commissioning Tool

A wide variety, including cyclically powered alarm speakers, cyclically connected loudspeaker speakers, visual alarm devices, interfaces, manual call points and multi-criteria sensors, can be connected to the nearest control panel with single-core cables for everyone from high capacitance loops (up to 4 cycles) with Space for up to 200 devices per loop, a maximum of 800 per panel and 51,200 addressable devices in one network.



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