PEPS CAD/CAM 9 Deskey Dongle

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PEPS CAD/CAM 9 Deskey Dongle

PEPS CAD/CAM 9 Test with Deskey Dongle + RMS License


With quite forty.000 installations and twenty five years expertise of the planet market,

PEPS is one in every of the worlds leading CAD/CAM-systems.

CAD-data is foreign into PEPS from all CAD-systems during a variety of various formats.

PEPS can use CAD-data and by intelligent postprocessors, place out error free NC-Code,

together with machine NC-control canned cycles. PEPS offers feature-based machining

modules which permit the programming of the foremost complicated components

at intervals a awfully short continuance. due to its large choice of application areas

PEPS covers all current machining methods: PEPS CAD, PEPS edge, 3D WIRE CUTTING,

2-50 AXES TURNING, PEPS sheet MACHINING Our huge expertise during this field has flown

into our new integrated answer the CAD/CAM-system OPTICAM. The programming relies

directly on the designed or foreign 3D model. due to the automated Feature-Recognition and

also the assignment of integrated machining technologies and methods OPTICAM offers a awfully

high automation level and reduces the programming time considerably.


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