NORAV EGC Software HASP Dongle

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NORAV EGC Software Test with HASP  Dongle Clone Backup


NORAV is an Establishment based in Germany, with offices and representatives in many countries, producing medical equipment and at the same time having a solid technology infrastructure and having successful scientists within its body.
He is the Leader in his Field for over 25 Years.

Products Produced:

  • Resting ECG Devices & Systems
  • Stress ECG
  • Holter ECG
  • Holter Blood Pressure Monitors
  • ECG Management System
  • Mobile ECG App
  • Telemetry Monitoring System
  • NSpiro Spirometer System
  • ECG Accessories
  • Clinical Trials

NORAV EGC Software

Groundbreaking inventions with the development of technology make our lives much easier.

To give an example of Domestic Products, it is necessary to intervene immediately when an unexpected situation occurs in the central system ECG monitors. So, for this, it is necessary to wait in front of the monitor all the time? It used to be yes, but not now.

Because 1 doctor has to take care of 10 patients on the same day or have to rest in the same day. In order to serve us better, he must first be healthy.

Norav helps hospitals with the technology it has developed in this regard.

With the current technology, with the software installed on smartphones, monitors can send a notification to the peripheral phone in an unexpected situation. Or you can check the latest status of all patients from the videophone. So there is no need to visit individual rooms for this.

Softwares produced by NORAV company are quite successful, DICOM Support is available like other software. NORAV Uses Legacy Hasp Technology. When we examined the dongle in detail, we saw that other inactive modules can be activated.

I love old HASP locks. The reason is that in the next version, if the Shell event is not used, we can run all versions. As you know, with the development of technology, Dongle companies want to make our work even more difficult. There is nothing we can do but respect.



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