Melco AMAYA V10 OS Flex + Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

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Melco AMAYA V10 OS Flex + Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Emulator / Clone / Crack

Melco AMAYA V10 OS

What’s New in AMAYA OS v10

  • Applique Command in AOS Lite – The Applique Command functionality has been added to the AOS Lite Color Sequence Tab. Previously, the command was available for SE and Flex+ only.
  • DesignShop Lite – DesignShop Lite can be loaded and run on a computer with an AMAYA v10 dongle. This requires DesignShop version 9.00.100 or later. AOS Lite can use Melco Sizer.
  • Autofeed Lower & Upper Limits – The Autofeed Lower and Upper limits can now adjusted from the Advanced Status Tab. This is an SE and Flex+ feature.
  • Autofeed Lower Limit in AOS Lite – The Autofeed Lower Limit can now be adjusted through the Thread Feed Tab in AOS Lite.
  • True Hoop Limits – Functionality has been added to the hoop limits. If hoop limits are exceeded, an alert now will pop up and the machine will not move when the start button is pressed or a trace is attempted.
  • Master Queue – AOS Flex+ will have the option to utilize a Master Queue. This allows queued designs to be loaded to multiple machines and track run counts from multiple machines.
  • Laser Alignment/Design Registration – Functionality has been added to the Design Registration Feature. This feature can no be used to scale a design as well as locate and rotate it.
  • Color Sequence – The color sequence tab now allows the setting of design colors or active colors. This can greatly simplify the color sequence process and help prevent mistakes when entering the color sequence.
  • Proel Laser – Functionality has been added to AOS to work with the Proel Laser. This is visible only with needle 16 in the thread cone display.


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