GC-PowerPlace Sentinel UltraPro Dongle

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GC-PowerPlace Tested Sentinel SuperPro / UltraPro Dongle Duplicate and Clone

GC-PowerPlace Sentinel IN-CIRCUIT check choice

The in-circuit check choice may be a valuable computer code tool for computer circuit board assembly. check engineers receive increased information preparation capabilities that have an effect on gain. victimisation Gerber data, a promptly on the market information supply, the in-circuit check choice offers flexibility in ICT programming. There are several monetary edges of having the in-circuit check choice including; dashing up a board’s time to market, decreasing production time, and realizing a come on investment among three months.

Turn out PROGRAMS FOR ALL widespread PRODUCTION instrumentality

If you’ve got production lines with totally different machines, you’ll be able to turn out programs for all of them from constant set of data. GC-PowerPlace stores data in a “neutral” database, from which programs will be created for all widespread pick-and-place machines and other producing instrumentality. you’ll be able to conjointly use it to form programs for X-ray scrutiny instrumentality and dispensing equipment. Your sales department will even use it for getting ready quotes.



GC-Power Place provides client driven enhancements and new options to contour the method of Gerber information translation. GC-PowerPlace is that the put attentiveness of assembly programming, acceptive information from just about any supply and manufacturing programs and files for many PCB producing applications.

Virtually all of the highest contract makers in the us use GraphiCode product, however you are doing not need to be a large company to understand the worth of GC-PowerPlace. Smaller facilities find the dependability of GC-PowerPlace Sentinel similar temperament to their dynamic information preparation desires.


  • Gerber: RS-274-D, RS-274-X
  • CAD: ASCII Data
  • EDIF 4 0 0
  • NC Drill/Rout: Excellon, Sieb & Meyer
  • ODB++
  • GraphiCode: .PWK, .CWK, .XWK, .GWK
  • Other: HPGL, Barco (.DPF), FIRE AutoPLOT


  • Gerber (RS-274-D, RS-274-X)
  • HPGL, DXF, PostScript, DMPL
  • Excellon, Sieb & Meyer
  • IPC-D-356, IPC-D-356A
  • GenCAD [UniCam, CircuitCam, GenRAD(Mitron)]
  • FATF (FABmaster)
  • SRFF (CyberOptics)
  • User-defined output formats


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