BM Central Server Software V3 Sentinel HL Clone

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BM Central Server Software Test With Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

BM Central tracking station permits clinical staff to reveal up to 32 patients simultaneously.

It generates both – audio and visible alarms from Compact monitors. Alla parameters can be bidirectionally set up on the primary station for every screen. – Up to 32 monitors of Compact collection stressed or wireless.

Various View modes Bidirectional communication type  Supports maximum of the European languages

Runs on:

  • WinXP,
  • WinVista,
  • Win7,
  • Win8.

About Econet:

Econet GmbH BM Central Server Software long back to the year 1997. As European headquarter of business enterprise “Kretz Technic AG, Zip / Austria, our workplace was placed in Dorsten, on the brink of the River-Ruhr-Area.

In present days we are an independent enterprise and have installed ourselves as a qualified manufacturer and dealer of scientific products, successful in national and global sales.

In February 2013, we moved our headquarters to a new, modern building complex in Oberhausen / NRW. With our high first-class and progressive medical gadgets, clinical Econet GmbH recorded a steadily growing demand in Germany.

Europe and many other areas across the world. Medical deliver specialists, hospitals, clinics, midwives, therapists and plenty of other therapeutically active agencies rely on our experience and our professionalism.

Our aim is to constantly extend and enhance our product range of diagnostic gadgets and imaging systems. The needs and desires of our customers we usually boost perceived as proposal for new trends and implemented successfully for plenty years.

BM Central Server Software






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