Baustatik 2020 Wibu Key Box Dongle

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Baustatik 2020 Test with Wibu Key Box Dongle and Current License

Structural engineering – our program interface

The ‘structural analysis’ contains our programs for structural planning with a uniform surface.

Baustatik 2020 General

The D.I.E. Structural engineering is a high-quality, yet very inexpensive structural analysis software package. All licenses are office licenses: Regardless of the number of computers at the site, you only need a single program license instead of having to buy a separate license for each workstation.

Intuitive program interface

Structural engineering has an intuitive, yet powerful program interface: Standard cases are easy to implement, but you can also handle complex tasks without any problems. There are both graphic and text input options for all areas of application. So you can make constructions with CAD tools or you can enter the input data in a table. Both can of course also be mixed.

Flexible output

You can output entire documents or just individual pages. It is also possible to output complete projects with several components and positions in a uniform and continuous manner. In this case, an overall expression of the statics is created.

The structural analysis can be printed out directly or a document can be generated for further processing in programs from other manufacturers. This can be a PDF document, a Word or OpenOffice document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a document for VCMaster.

Baustatik 2020 Multilingual expression

The printout can be in German or English. It is easy to switch between languages ??at any time.
Output with Word

If you are using a current version of Word as the output target, you can add any Word documents to the printout within the structural analysis. The result is a single Word document with a common table of contents, which contains both the structural analysis and the additional Word documents.

Load forwarding and load transfer

There are 2 types of load transfer and load transfer in structural engineering.

  • One possibility is to use 3D models. With these, the entire building is spatially recorded and calculated in a closed manner. The forwarding takes place directly within the component.
  • Alternatively, load transfer is also possible with 2D positions. Support reactions can be passed on from one position as an action to another. This concatenation is possible with any number of positions. If desired, all affected positions can be automatically recalculated if one has changed.
  • Powerful computing cores
  • The structural analysis is available in both a 32 and a 64-bit version. The correct version for your computer will be installed automatically. Our multiprocessor support uses all CPUs of your computer so that even very large FEM calculations can be carried out in an extremely short time. “Systems that are too complex” do not exist in structural engineering.

Baustatik 2020 Excellent support

Free, fast, well-founded and friendly support: Our support is unparalleled in the industry:

You will generally be advised directly by the programmer of the module about which your question arose. It is important to us to answer your questions as quickly as possible – usually, a few minutes after you contact us, but in any case on the same working day. This is done via our free hotline, by email or online via TeamViewer.

Of course we also run webinars. Our customers love our support.

Continuous development

  • Your wishes are our top priority: In order to be able to provide our customers with new functions as quickly as possible, we update the software about once a month.
  • These updates generally take place automatically and without annoying messages. The new program version is ‘just there’ the next time you start the structural analysis.
  • Our updates contain new functions, in some cases completely new modules and corrections. We are particularly open to the publication of changes. In the update log you can always read which new features are included in the update.







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