Ajyal ASWAQ6 ERP Software Sentinel Dongle

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Ajyal ASWAQ6 ERP Software Test With Sentinel UltraPro Dongle Clone


Software originating in Egypt. Sentinel used UltraPro Dongle. Our client complained that this firm did not help with some problems. On top of that, he had his dongle backed up for us, just in case in the future. Congratulations to him.

The main purpose of this software is accounting, but in today’s technology, transactions are detailed and everything is beyond standard accounting. ERP system is in our lives.

So what is THIS ERP?

If we open the word, Enterprise Resource Planning. We can say. In other words, it is the indispensable software of corporate companies staying end-to-end. We can say that almost 80% of the software developers in the world have turned to this sector. It would not be a lie if we say that there are thousands of companies producing ERP software in a country.

What is done with ERP.

  • General accounting
  • Personnel tracking
    Stock Tracking
  • Production management
  • Sales Control
  • Finance Analysis
    Support after-sale

While ERP software evolves the right enterprise into a structure that connects all departments of the enterprise, it provides support to the speech of the same language by catching the harmony between departments and processes for the subjects and jobs viewed from different aspects in the enterprise. Thus, the verbal business forms of the business transform into numbers, data and reports, giving your business and managers the opportunity to make an objective decision.

ERP projects provide rapid and large-scale benefits. While these benefits range from cost savings to productivity gains; At the same time, it makes it possible to bring a much more effective and fast decision-making mechanism to the management level.

The main goal to be achieved with ERP is to gather the data of the enterprise and to obtain meaningful results that can be turned into decisions.



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