Access It! Universal.NET Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

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Access It! Universal .NET Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone Tested.

Access It!® Universal .NET is really Associate in Nursing access management resolution for any size business. whether or not you wish straightforward access management for some workers in an exceedingly single building, or a range of operations for thousands of workers in an exceedingly multi-region, multi-server system,  Universal.NET is meant to satisfy your wants. This powerful, easy code permits you to pick out the feature sets you wish to create a scale able, cost-efficient system.

Universal .NET Sentinel SuperPro

options a browser (web) skinny shopper for simple installation and change on multiple workstations, multiple monitor support (using un-dock able windows), integration with Wireless/IP and Poe (Power-over-Ethernet) lock sets and alternative third party devices (DVR/NVR, intrusion detection, etc.)

It options Associate in Nursing facultative knowledge Exchange utility that supports Microsoft Active Directory integration, in conjunction with scheduled knowledge imports from numerous data sources. It additionally includes a Mobile shopper that enables users to manage their access system from any mobile device. It supports the MR-51E Ethernet-enabled Poe paired reader, single-door SIO module and every one OSDP (Open supervised Device Protocol) readers. Access It!® Universal.NET is accessible in each customary and Enterprise versions.


seamlessly integrates to the foremost advanced access management technologies together with statistics, DVRs, and science lock sets permitting the flexibleness to create an answer right for your security wants.

With Universal .NET Sentinel SuperPro vogue meets practicality. New controls leave custom themes to regulate the design and feel of your system. additionally, advanced window controls leave fast navigation between pages.


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