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2DPak Plus v2.30 Test with Sentinel HASP Dongle

2DPak and could be a two-dimension processing code that runs on Windows 2K/ XP/ Vista/ seven (OS). It enhances the potential of your activity magnifier. 2DPak and is easy, simple to use, expedites and enlightens your measure.


? Build-in simple SPC is available.

? Its “Learn and Repeat” mode speeds sampling measurement /inspection for SPC and QA/QC. The part program is easy to understand and allows modification.

? Measurement data, including tolerance judgement and pass / fail results can be displayed on the screen, and be printed out in colourful rich-text format.

? Possibility of linking 2DPak Plus with real-time SPC software (MeasurLink) via RS232 and other reporting program.

? The text and image can be “Copy & Paste” in other document.

? Simplified user interface provides easy operation and requires minimum training.

? Video System with crosshair and image saving is available (new).

? Edge-Point detecting tool is available (new).

? Various measurement and alignment tools enable you to have powerful 2D analysis.

? Its simple measurement mode allows operator to undertake measurement with ease, and results are instant!


? Point ? Continue Points ? Line ? Circle ? Ellipse ? Rectangle ? Slot ? Distance between two points ? Distance between point & line ? Angle and intersection point ? Mid line? Parallelism, perpendicularity and angularity ? Tangents of point to circle ? Intersection points of line & circle ? Distance of circle to line ? Length of an arc ? Intersection points of two circles ? Calculation of output results: average, max, min, range…….


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