TAGLIO CAD CAM For Denver Hardlock Dongle

TAGLIO CAD CAM For Denver Hardlock Dongle
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TAGLIO CAD-CAM For Denver  Test with Hardlock Dongle.

TAGLIO, an Italian Software Company, operates in many fields. These are fields such as Metal, GLASS, STONE, Marble. The sector they lead is the WATER Jet Sector.

In general, when we examine their software, we can say that they are Professional. There is a point we just do not know about, maybe this could be a strategy. What we don’t understand is that they have to install different versions for each customer.

In other words, post-process files are not included with the installation. Customer preferences in general do not end users. Their target is machine manufacturers and they sell dongles collectively. It is the software supplier of many machine manufacturers in Italy. As we know, Italians are considered successful when it comes to machinery, though not as much as Germans.

DENVER manufactures and markets its Marble and CAM processing machines in San Marino to the world. When our customer reached us, he informed us that he had 1 dongle in his hand and it was about to break down, but the company was not willing to change it.

We have eliminated our customer’s dependency on the dongle by reading and virtualizing the memory of the dongle with the remote desk connection. The happiness of our customers It was worth seeing.

What is a Water Jet?

Waterjet is a high technology used to precisely cut special materials. Such as aluminum using high speed and pressure water. The biggest advantage of cutting with a water jet is that there is no deformation and strength loss in the material since heat is not generated during cutting. After cutting the material comes out cleanly without burrs and dross on the cutting surfaces.

TAGLIO CAD CAM What are its advantages?

  • It is an efficient process for manufacturing custom parts.
  • The cut piece is cut without exposure to any heat.
  • Since the cutting part does not see heat. There will be no negative changes in its mechanical properties. Distortion, melting, etc.
  • Since there will be no burr during cutting, it will not require time and cost for leveling.
  • The most difficult sections (small radii, narrow pains, etc.) can be easily made on our water jet machine.
  • It can be cut with precise tolerances.

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