Microcosm Dinkey Dongle Emulator Clone

Microcosm Dinkey Dongle Emulator Clone
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Microcosm Dinkey Dongle Emulator, Clone Backup, Duplicate, Copy, Unpack.

Microcosm Dinkey Dongle Emulator:

What is  Dinkey Dongle?

Microcosm Ltd may be a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland company established in 1979. Its early claims to fame enclosed atomic number 14 Disk System in 1981 and Micro cache (the world’s initial cache for microcomputers) in 1982. Since 1989, it’s focused on pc security, foremost with Copy Control (a software-based copy protection system), then locomotive electronic device (small hardware copy protection keys that hook up with parallel or USB ports).

In 2005, it created Copy Minder (software-based copy protection that uses the net wherever potential to produce. Associate in Nursing ‘intelligent’ copy protection system).  It’s expanded its security product by manufacturing Smart Sign, a multi-factor authentication system that supports exploitation mobile devices to regulate access to websites.

Dinkey Dongle Emulator Backup & Clone  Instructions

  1. We Need Dongle Dump. you can Download from here.
  2. Unpack it. rar password is donglecopy.com Run it, will create a Dump.txt send it Please my mail: [email protected]
  3. Need Dinkey dongle used  Software install  package.
  4. You can upload DropboxMegaWetransfer
  5. if not create any dump file Please contact with us we must create a special dumper and logger.






Dinkey_Pro_Mini (1)

Mini Pro

Microcosm Dinkey Dongle Emulator Clone


Microcosm Dinkey Dongle Emulator Functions:

  1. Hardware can be replicated optionally.
  2. It has unlimited digital signature.
  3. The time limit can be remove.
  4. The module can be defined.
  5. Supported models Pro / FD Lite, Plus, Net,

Overview Microcosm Company

Dinkey Dongle is a Lock created by the software security company from England. Since it is a new company, there is no LPT Model. It is necessary to Install Driver to use old type dongles. If you need a drive, you can download it from our Download page. Now systems do not require Driver. uses a human interface. In general, companies operating in the field of Engineering use. 60% of these companies operate in the UK.


Why Get Microcosm Dinkey Emulator?

These locks are more gentle than other Locks. All kinds of interventions can be done from the outside. Although RSA 2048 Algorithm is used, it is open to intervention from outside. Users can sometimes break the dongle with unconscious interventions due to curiosity in general. If you need a Dinkey Dongle, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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