Software Crack Service – Reverse Engineering

Software Crack Service – Reverse Engineering
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Software Crack Service

Software Crack Service – Reverse Engineering

These processes can be called a new sector today the software has been in our lives for almost 50 years or more software that was licensed 20 years ago may not be operational today, and if the User is using a computer change or dongle, the software he used becomes unusable due to the failure of the dongle. Yes, we are at the same time stepping in our foundation purpose and working activity is completely in this direction.

What if my computer breaks down or i replace it?

Can’t reach the manufacturer of the software you are using and having trouble with software licensing, You can contact us.

So what is This Software Crack?

For us, this process is reverse engineering and is very necessary for the software industry, this process is of vital importance for the reasons we mentioned above and for other reasons.

What is Licensing?

This process is a very separate sector in other words, there are software companies dealing only with this business generally, licensing is done by injecting the source code, but the easiest way is the shell method.

Generally, companies cancel the old license and carry the new one to the new computer, but most of them are trying to get an extra fee but there is no such problem with the dongle works wherever you wear it.

Software Crack Service License Models:

Dongle Models:

  • Sentinel USB HL, SuperPro, UltraPro, SHK,
  • Hardlock, Hasp, C-Plus
  • WibuKey – Codemeter CmStick,
  • Eutron Smartkey Deskey DK2 DK3 ,
  • Marx, Microcosm Dinkey,
  • Rockey, Sense, IDallas, IKEY and others.

As we have stated in what we have written above, our goal is to help you, only if the license of your software is no longer available by the company. If you need such a study, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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