PrintSoft PReS Suite 6.3 Sentinel UltraPro Clone

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PrintSoft PReS Suite 6.3 Sentinel UltraPro Clone

PrintSoft PReS Suite 6.3 Test With Sentinel UltraPro Clone

PReS is that the most powerful and versatile document composition language within the world. it’s a package tool for coming up with and commercial enterprise personalised documents for each transactional and marketing applications. , PReS may also facilitate to integrate current systems and processes inside your organization.

What makes this setting distinctive amongst leading VDP offerings is that it’s supported a language that was designed from the showtime to explain the assembly printing and method automation tasks that area unit essential to triple-crown VDP production facilities. PReS generated documents will embrace variable text, pictures, graphics, barcodes and merge information.

Using conditional logic, dynamic documents area unit created wherever the whole layout varies with the input, manufacturing documents designed for every individual recipient, instead of a “one-size-fits-all” document.

PReS will then format the document for printing on any high-speed printer and for electronic distribution. this allows your documents to be revealed as written pages and/or as emails, web pages, PDF documents, SMS messages, XML files and faxes. And full color may be accustomed maximize response rates.

A further addition to the PReS suite is M-PReS Production, a totally new information and production engine from PrintSoft designed to increase the facility and adaptability of PReS. The M in M-PReS stands for multi-platform as a result of M-PReS Production permits PDC files (compiled job files created by PReS) to be run on each Windows and high-end UNIX system servers.

Not solely that however as one, intuitive print management, M-PReS Production will turn out any supported output format from the PDC employing a vary of powerful information streaming choices.

Typical documents area unit dynamic charge statements, transactional and transpromotional documents, company reports, junk, customised insurance policies, matched promoting letters, etc.

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