LOGOSYSTEM Logoview Scada Software Dongle

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LOGOSYSTEM Logoview Scada Software Test with Sentinel Ultrapro Dongle

What is it?

Longview is made up of automation subsystems, local network components, server (redundant if necessary) and control supervisor clients. It is not simply designed for field data acquisition, but also to ensure information exchange with other equipment, via standard communication protocols.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) represents the most effective software tools for real-time process control and supervision. Through interactive graphic interfaces they enable operators to check the plant functioning and to manage it by remote commands.

In addition to high level of connectivity and communication features, common to all major SCADA packages, Logoview is conceived fully compliant with “Windows Pro” platforms, for an easier and quicker development of scalable applications: strengths that makes Logoview a powerful tool to provide versatile, professional and cost-effective solutions.

Logoview™ is a SCADA Package developed out of Logofive expertise in system integration and custom projects, so as to meet the highest levels of reliability and security demanded by industrial contexts: today it is installed in more than 2,500 Control System Units all over the world.


Logoview main features

  • Development and RunTime licenses, fully compliant with all “Windows Pro” environments
  • Licenses are “full tag” and, once supplied, upgrades are implemented at free cost
  • Dedicated drivers for major PLC are available (Siemens, Rockwell, GE, Schneider, …), through OPC Server and Applicom Cards is possible the connection with minors
  • I/O Server OPC is included for the full integration with the Control Process environment
  • ODBC is supported for the connection and import/export data to external databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Access, …)
  • Client/Server open architecture is a native feature, to allow integration with MES, ERP, and Office Automation tools
  • Alignment of internal databases (alarms, events, …) is automatically generated through the LAN
  • Hot back-up in case of Client/Server architecture with dedicated and redundant Servers
  • Management of redundancies on all Ethernet communications, PLCs included
  • Trends and historical are supported and real-time configurable by operators
  • User-friendly development environment
  • Quickly upgrade from old to new releases
  • The price/performance ratio is very competitive if compared to other SCADA packages


What is LOGOSYSTEM Logoview Scada?

Systems developed and their continuity are very important in order to give the most efficient and optimum response to the demands in the energy sector. What are the advantages of SCADA systems at this point? What parts does it consist of? What communication protocols does it use? Details are in the rest of our article.

What is SCADA System?

SCADA, created with the first letters of the words Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; It is called “Central Supervision Control and Data Collection” system. SCADA systems are a system in which large-scale facilities can be monitored from a single center with devices such as computers, mobile phones or tablets, and it is basically software. It can be used from a single device, or it can be controlled and monitored with multiple computers and portable devices with network connections.

LOGOSYSTEM Logoview Scada Main Features of SCADA Systems

  • Graphical Interface
  • Monitoring System
  • Alarm System


Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Systems.

SCADA consists of three basic parts;
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
  • Communication System
  • Control Center System (Main Control Center AKM – Master Terminal Unit MTU)


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