HHD Monitor Usb Trace Instructions

HHD Monitor Usb Trace Instructions
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HHD Monitor Usb Trace Instructions

Sentinel HL, HASP SRM, Rockey4ND, Secutech Unikey, TDI Matrix Dongle, Marx CryptoBox Dongle Data Logger.

In this article, I will explain to you how to use HDD USB monitor step by step.

  • First of all, we Download and install the software. After Installing, We Restart Our Computer.
  • Let’s Run the HHD Monitor Usb Trace Software When The Computer Is Reopened.
  1. Sellect Next Connected Device and Clicking with our mouse 2 times.
  2. I click on UBR view 2 times. and we will see that it crosses
  3. Now we can click on the Start Button.
  4. We will be presented with a blank screen, click on the Complete tab that I have specified with the arrow icon and immediately insert your DONGLE.
  5. At this stage, after installing our dong, you will see the text on the screen. If there is no movement there is a problem.
    After seeing the articles coming, we can run the software used by our Dong. Use for about 10 minutes with all modules.
  6. At this stage, we record the Log we made. We Click Export from the Edit Menu
  7. In the Window that comes up, we give a name to Log and select ANSI Text Files from Save as Type and save. Email
  8. this file to [email protected]

Do you Need Support for HHD Monitor Usb Trace?

for HHD Monitor Usb Trace If you wish, we can do all these steps for you. For this, it will be enough to download the required teamviewer and give us Teamviewer ID and Password. If you want us to do it, please first inform us by e-mail and arrange a suitable time and complete the process.

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