Halcon 13 for Linux and ARM Codemeter Dongle

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Halcon 13

Halcon 13 for Linux and ARM Platforms Test with Codemeter Cmstick Dongle


Halcon 13 for Linux

defines the state of the art in machine vision software package.  It provides a comprehensive vision library antis forever supported the newest and most advanced technology. no matter your task, HALCON can solve it, quick and with highest accuracy.

Vision Development surroundings knowledgeable image process tool should be over simply a library of image processing operators.

Determination image process tasks is simply one a part of a whole solution, that includes alternative software package elements like method management or info access, and hardware elements from illumination to image acquisition devices and lots of alternative mechanical components.

Therefore, it’s vital that the image process system is simple to use and might be integrated into the event cycle in a very versatile manner.

To achieve this

HALCON takes care of all vital aspects:

The software package developments supported by HALCON’s IDE (integrated development environment), consist-ing of HDevelop and HDevEngine.  HDevelop could be a extremely interactive development tool that allows a fast development of image process tasks.

Via HDevEngine, you’ll directly execute HDevelop programs and procedures from your C++, C#, Visual Basic, or C application. As an alternate, HDevelop may also export programs and procedures in your artificial language.

The problem-oriented documentation covers all levels from a fast access to big info up to a close discussion of advanced topics.

These descriptions are combined with many examples for AN intuitive understanding of the solutions,which can function templates to shorten the event time.

Last however not least,

HALCON provides open interfaces for economical information exchange, to integrate own operators,or to access specialised hardware spherical off the system.In addition to the total set of ordinary machine vision ways, HALCON offers practicality that’s outstanding within the field of machine vision libraries, e.g.,

3D camera standardization, shape-based and component-based matching,sub pixel-precise edge and line extraction, sub component contour process, 3D matching, arbitrary regions of interest,and much additional.

Apart from this, several ways that are best-known from alternative libraries are offered with a far higher performance.An example for this can be the morphology, that is up to a hundred times quicker than in alternative merchandise, and at constant time offers rather more flexibility.

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