AKM4 ADAP-KOOL Aladdin HASP Dongle

AKM4 ADAP-KOOL Aladdin HASP Dongle
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AKM4 ADAP-KOOL Test With Aladdin HASP Dongle

AKM Refrigeration Log v7.41 and v5.70

AKM is a PC program for setup, commissioning, log collection and presentation, alarm handling and daily monitoring of refrigeration plants.

AKM offers a graphical user interface (MIMIC) for an easy overview of ADAP-KOOL® plants.

Please download the latest version (7.41) of AKM from the link below. This version has been tested with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit version). Where AKM has been installed in compatibility mode on the 64-bit version.

AKM4 / AKM5AKM is a program with many functions.

The program gives you an overview of all functions in all connected refrigerating systems. The program is used by service centers or in systems where more functions are required than can be obtained with AK Monitor. The AKM5 has a graphic user interface.

ADAP-KOOL® Refrigeration control system is a complete electronic system for monitoring and controlling commercial refrigeration plants. Since its introduction more than ten years ago, this system has been continually developed and has now become an extensive product range covering all the needs of modern control, monitoring, and alarm functions of commercial and light industrial refrigeration plants.

Danfoss’ long experience within the refrigeration industry and the fact that we have a worldwide sales and service network mean that today ADAP-KOOL® Refrigeration control systems is the preferred control and regulation system among the world’s leading supermarket chains.

AKM4 ADAP-KOOL Refrigeration appliance controls.

Regulate all important functions in refrigeration appliances and cold rooms. An extensive range of dedicated controllers ensures that a unit precisely suitable for your application is available. Depending on the type, a controller will serve one, two, or three evaporators. 

  • Appliance and cold room control with AKV.
  • Thermostatic expansion valves.
  • Refrigeration appliance and cold room monitoring.
  • Refrigeration plants with hot gas defrosting.
  • Brine chillers.
  • Stand-alone deep-freeze and cold rooms

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