Wibu Codemeter Cmstick Dongle Emulator Clone

Wibu Codemeter Cmstick Dongle Emulator Clone
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Wibu Codemeter Cmstick Emulator, Dongle Clone Duplicate

What is WIBU Codemeter CmStick

Wibu AG History

  • The company was founded in 1989 by 2 tech geniuses. their names are Winzenried and Buchheit, their Study Areas mainly come from the field of Security technologies. They prevented many injustices by encrypting the coded software in PLCs programmed by Electrical and Electronics engineers.
    He has many studies to get ahead of Reverse Engineering. Of course, studies can survive for a certain period of time.
    We have seen software locks in many sectors such as Medical, Banking, Industrial, Civil engineering, Textile sector, Chemistry. It is generally preferred by German engineers. After all, it is a company operating in Germany

Wibu Codemeter Cmstick

  • CodeMeter is the Flagship USB Software Lock Developed by Wibu AG. It looks very stylish with its Silver Color and the CM logo positioned on the round detail in the middle. The surface without compromising on quality is all metal, as Evidence that German engineering always attaches importance to Quality.


  • You know, Sentinel HL dongles have Sentinel SL (Software License). This is exactly the same. We can say it is a kind of virtual dongle. but it is not. All features in the dongle can be defined in this licensing mode. Time limit, Operation Limit, Module definition etc. features. Many companies use this feature. They can also distribute a license from a server that they set up in their center.

Wibu Codemeter Cmstick Emulator Features

  • Driver Table Emulator
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • Digitally signed
  • Some times DLL emulator may be possible.
  • It Is Easy To Install.
  • Can be installed on Unlimited Computer.
  • We can physically make Copies.

Codemeter MODELS

Wibu CodeMeter
Wibu Codemeter Cmstick Dongle Emulator Clone
Wibu CmStick

Wibu Codemeter Cmstick Emulator Clone Duplicate Backup Instructions


We Need!

CMstick is a software lock developed using the latest technological possibilities. In order for this to be copied, the Software must be delivered to Us; Otherwise, we cannot take any action. After the software reaches us, it is installed and analyzed on the computer of our laboratory. This analysis sometimes takes 2 days. Due to this situation, the service fee of these operations is slightly higher than the other locks.

  • We Need Software install package.
  • You can upload  Wetransfer
  • When upload please send me a link with mail [email protected]
  • After the analysis, We will contact you about for process.

What do we make?

If we briefly talk about the procedures to be done. We will ask you for Teamviewer or Anydesk Connection. It must be the computer where the dongle and software are installed. We will install a software called Bustrace to your system so that we can receive data and data from your USB dongle, after the settings in this software are finished, we will direct you from the Remote desktop connection. After making sure that we have received the data and data completely, we will start working and inform you when the process is completed.

Wibu Codemeter Cmstick Driver System

HID and Driver Supported can be used according to request. The advantage of using HID is Without Installing a Driver. So your software works without installing the control center software. This is a great convenience for users. When we make a Driver-Based emulator, we need to get out of HID mode and install the Control Center software. The reason for this is that we need to stop and restart Wibu services while getting logs. So we take it out of HID mode.


Cmu32 /s 1-123123123 ( This must be your dongle ID )  –set-config-disk MsdCommunication

Let’s do HID again.

cmu32 /s 1-123123123 ( This must be your dongle ID ) –set-config-disk HidCommunication

Why Do We Need to Receive the data from the dongle?

As we mentioned before, new generation locks, especially CMstick dongles produced by Wibu AG, have the feature of Self Locking and deactivating when intervened by inexperienced people. That’s why we don’t share any tools on this page. The only reason for this is that we do not want to risk you. Nobody wants to waste thousands of euros on the software you purchased. Therefore, We connect via remote desktop software and slowly, calmly, receive the necessary data.

How seems?

There are 2 different sizes of usb. The first of these is the size of Normal Standard USB Flash Drives, the other is the small size USB called Mini. The mini dongle was designed with Laptops in mind. Because while mobile laptops are put in the bag, it may be forgotten to remove the dongle and this may cause it to break. Congratulations to WiBU AG Company for this situation. Acting according to the customer’s wishes and working in line with their interests always takes companies forward.


Our goal is to be a fully License Backup team. Yes We know and we hear. Many companies dongles are corrupted, stolen or lost. These companies are asked to pay as much as the license fee they pay again, and this is really annoying. At this stage, we make backups of locks for a certain fee. Customers are satisfied. There is no fear that something will happen to the key. Life is too good to live without worries.

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