WinRHIZO Pro Sentinel Dongle Key

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WinRHIZO Pro Test with Sentinel Dongle Key


Offers all the functions of the regular version as well as connection, topology, architecture and color analysis. Color analysis can provide root morphology as a function of color. It can also be used as a color area knife.

About WinRHIZO Pro

WinRHIZO is an image analysis system specially designed to measure roots in various forms. Can perform morphology (length, area, volume …), topology, architecture and color analysis. It consists of a computer program and image acquisition components that can be combined to suit different requirements and budgets.

WinRHIZO Pro analyzes

Washed roots automatically or interactively. For in-situ analysis of rhizotrons or roots, see our product WinRHIZO Tron. The root diameter distribution diagram shows the root length, area, volume or number of root tips as a function of root diameter or root color. The number and width of the classes are user defined and can be changed at any time.

WinRHIZO shows

The analysis on the picture. The color of the root frame drawn indicates the diameter class in which the root portion is divided. The same colors are used to draw the root distribution diagram on top of the image. The analyzed sample measurement data is summarized on the screen and available in detail in the data file.

All versions:

Multiple documents are now supported so that users can edit multiple images at the same time. Each document window contains its own image, root distribution diagram, and its own data file. Can now open “compressed” image files and JPEG 2000 TIFF. Draw peaks, forks, and intersections faster. The effect is seen when analyzing large images with many peaks, branches and intersections.
If you click to analyze the entire image, the sample identification window appears faster. The effect is seen when analyzing large images (1 TB or +) with color analysis.

Change default settings:

Analysis/Measurement: Diameter interpolation included (for more precise measurement).

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