Keylok Dongle Emulator Clone Crack Backup

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Keylok Dongle Emulator Clone Crack Backup.

Models :


KEYLOK2 Parallel

KEYLOK2 Serial


Fortress LS

Fortress RS

Fortress Rechargeable RTC

Fortress Flash Drive

Main Features



Keylok Dongle Emulator

KEYLOK2 is our most tested security electronic device on the market with over 1,000,000 units shipped. the first KEYLOK2 was developed for twenty five pin parallel ports. As computers, and therefore the ports they utilised, advanced a requirement for a USB version of KEYLOK2 electronic device emerged. Thus, the recognizable inexperienced KEYLOK2 was introduced. At the request of a number one chip manufacturer a nine pin port version was made to be used in Associate in Nursing embedded system.

While the cases haven’t modified the licensing and security has. varied updates are created to each the hardware and microcode to mitigate potential threats. within the package licensing and security area, no product will survive this long while not continual maintenance and updates.

The KEYLOK2 security electronic device is our most cheap solution; good for tight budgets that also need high security licensing and protection.

  • Easy plug & play driver installation
  • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Protect mulitple applications with one device
  • Use multiple dongles on a single server (Windows)
  • Available for Networks (Windows) to enforce concurrent usage
  • Implement creative licensing models including Expiration Date, Features and Counters
  • Remote Update dongles in the field
  • 112 Byte Read/Write Programmable Memory


Keylok Dongle Emulator

Could be a driverless, cross-platform software system license electronic device for Windows, waterproof and UNIX system. Provides a similar capability as our sure KEYLOK2 USB software system protection device, however eliminates the necessity for driver installation by end-users



Keylok Dongle Emulator

Dongles are for purchasers WHO want the highest-level of protection. this is often a driverless security key USB with options like CodeVault and Real clock. defensive structure permits you to implement made-to-order security solutions for your distinctive needs whereas still maintaining easy use for finish users.

The defensive structure license electronic device utilizes open-end credit technology for the foremost update license strategy. The open-end credit processor hastens communication between the electronic device and your application by reading or writing to multiple memory locations quickly. this permits you to implement additional sturdy licensing methods or increased security while not sacrificing application performance. beginning at 5k read/write memory, the defensive structure license dongles are best acceptable those wanting to implement convoluted licensing, increased security, or utilize quite 112 bytes accessible on our KEYLOK3 and KEYLOK2 dongles.

Keylok Dongle Emulator Clone – Backup Instructions

  • Software install  package. This is very important because it is necessary for the Communication Algorithm.
  • You can uplod DropboxMegaWetransfer
  • After send me link with mail. [email protected]
  • After the analyze Target software, We will contact you for dongle read.

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