DDS CAD V16 Sentinel Dongle

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DDS CAD V16 Test with Sentinel Dongle

Data Design Systems (DDS) has convinced customers worldwide with proven CAD / BIM software for MEP project design.

In terms of innovation and functionality, DDS offers solutions for electrical, sanitary, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and photovoltaic systems.

All DDS-CAD products support the Open BIM design process.

2D CAD and 3D BIM for electricity

DDS-CAD Electrical is the best tool for electrical installers and consultants. With this software,

you can design a complete electrical system for buildings. At the same time

the software can produce complete and reliable documentation, such as a detailed list of parts and plots.

Special features for electrical specialties are also included, such as: B. KNX design and lightning protection system.

Many automatic functions ensure maximum efficiency. The available product database includes smart components, symbols, macros and parametric objects. You can optimize your design using the integrated counting and control functions.

Let the power of DDS-CAD work for you

Did you install the electrical system? Then there is a great opportunity to have three separate software tools for design in 2D or 3D, installation preparation and computation. Save time, money and avoid mistakes. DDS-CAD offers everything in one.

Software solutions for ventilation systems

  • DDS CAD V16 Sentinel mechanical is devoted to the construction of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems.
  • This module is suitable for the design of large industrial systems and small balanced ventilation systems for household applications.
  • Design smart ventilation systems and use automatic measurement functions based on pressure drop,

Fflow and sound. Get regular and balanced ventilation via the adjustable valve and ventilation slot. If you wish,

you can add additional modules and configurations for the MEP area to the DDS-CAD Mechanics module. This way you can create multidisciplinary solutions.

As a consumer, you only invest in the features you need. DDS-CAD is fully developed and managed by DDS. This means DDS-CAD does not rely on third-party solutions like AutoCAD and Revit. You don’t have to invest a lot, but save with DDS-CAD by investing in one solution.

Let the power of DDS CAD V16 Sentinel work for you

Did you install a ventilation system? Then there is a great opportunity to have three separate software tools for design in 2D or 3D, installation preparation and computation. Save time, money and avoid mistakes. DDS-CAD offers everything in one.

DDS CAD V16 Sentinel Architect and construction

The DDS-CAD Architect & Construction app is intended for architects,

building contractors, and prefabricated house manufacturers / dealers. A module (architect) helps with outlines, design criteria, general and detailed planning as well as with automatic invoicing of quantities.

The other module (Construction) focuses on construction and structural details. It generates all relevant production drawings in 2D and 3D, including invoice cuts and full parts lists. Data is transferred directly to the production line for cutting and assembly.

DDS-CAD architects are highly specialized in the design of residential buildings, which are mostly made of wood,

like the ones you can find in Northern Europe. (DDS-CAD Architect is not software with common architectures like ArchiCAD, Bentley, Allplan, EliteCAD, Revit, etc., but is dedicated and highly effective for several types of buildings and structures.)

DDS-CAD construction

DDS-CAD construction takes care of the technical aspects of wood frame buildings.

The software creates all relevant production drawings in 2D and 3D from intelligent 3D building models and user input.

This includes a number and list of cuts as well as a complete part list. The information provided can be used directly for line production, purchasing and logistics.


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